Agency Spotlight: Sukle

One of the bright rising stars in the advertising industry is Sukle Advertising + Design based in Denver, CO. Their entire outdoor portfolio is incredibly extensive. Check their website for the whole gamut of work.

The most important thing we can learn from Sukle’s work is to start with outdoor when creating a multimedia campaign. Their work for Denver Water is a prime example of illustrating the essence of the campaign through outdoor and expanding the story with other media such as TV. Doing the opposite results in some mediocre billboards as evidenced by Seattle’s Best Coffee.

A little info from their website:

Since 1995, we’ve been crafting globally-recognized, compelling and memorable ideas that create results for our clients. We take pride in coming up with unique, big picture solutions that get to the heart of the real challenges facing our clients’ brands instead of prescribing the same old media solutions over and over. We believe it’s not the size of the budget that matters, but the courage of smart clients who are willing to leverage insightful creative ideas, that create impact. And finally, we believe ‘Sukle’ is a difficult Slovenian name to pronounce which is why we have provided you with the phonetic spelling above.

Also check out this interview with Mike Sukle, owner and creative director, by The Denver Egotist. Inspiring stuff.

Denver Water

It all started when we did research and realized if you ask people to not use as much water, they generally had the response of feeling like “why, I can afford as much as I want.” But when you asked them not to waste, they found themselves compelled to abide. From that finding, Use Only What You Need was born, and has lived on for over 5 years.


The idea was to encourage the people of Colorado (already the nation’s thinnest state) to live a healthier, more active life. We thought if we just told them what to do in a fun, compelling way that they’d listen. So, we used healthy food to spell Indulge and fun things people ride in Colorado to spell Ride.

Fairmount Funeral Home

You just don’t see a lot of great stuff in the mortuary ad world. So, we wanted to take that head on and do something beautiful that really commemorated those that were being remembered at Fairmount. Something that really let the consumer know that Fairmount knew how they felt about their loved ones and what they achieved in their glorious lives.

Wyoming Department of Health

We realized when you smoke around other people, you’re essentially killing them. So, we created visually arresting images that conveyed that to smokers in a way that might get them to think twice about smoking around those they love.

Noodles & Co.

It’s all about the noodle doodle. We did our first noodle doodle and it just stuck. The idea was to convey the personality of noodles in the tone, voice and art direction of the advertisements, while talking about the brand attributes. They evolved over the years but they always communicated the brand’s quirky, fun and approachable atmosphere. They became very well-known in Noodle’s markets.

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Todd Turner

Todd Turner has been an art director at Adams Outdoor Advertising in Charleston, SC since 2004. He has created award-winning campaigns for large brands like McDonald’s, Bojangle’s and Harley-Davidson but has spent most of his career working with small local businesses to create advertising that actually works.

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