Dietz & Watson’s Famous Franks

We recently spoke with Art Director Tina Rataj at Adam Outdoor Advertising in Charlotte NC about her delicious campaign for Dietz & Watson Franks. Here are her words:

Dietz & Watson wanted to draw attention to their frank product for the grilling season. The client loved the passionate response that they got from the locals including multiple people reaching out to Adams to tell them how much they liked the campaign, and how sad they were to see some of them go. The franks got the attention we wanted them to and more. When you think of Franks in PA, you will be thinking of Dietz & Watson.

NBC’s Philadelphia affiliate did a story about the campaign that you can see here. This campaign wasn’t without it’s bit of controversy however as you’ll see in the video below. I’ll try to refrain from voicing my frank opinion on this hot issue, suffice it to say that some people have too much time on their hands.

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Chad Hutchison

Chad Hutchison began his career designing and art directing posters for some of Hollywood’s major motion pictures. He is currently senior art director at Extra Credit Projects in Grand Rapids, MI.

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