Friendly Insurance Maximizes Small Out-of-Home

Junior posters. 8-Sheets. Whatever you call them, they’re usually not used for cool ideas. AJ Ferrara at Lamar doesn’t care. You may remember his campaign promoting Friendly Insurance’s during hurricane season. Well, he’s back with another round of pimped out junior posters for Friendly. This time around, they’re talking hail damage, boat insurance, and low rates.

Just goes to show that the size of the board or the buy doesn’t mean creativity has to suffer.

Friendly Insurance "Reelin' in the Best Rates" Junior Poster Billboard

Friendly Insurance "Rates through the Roof" Junior Poster Billboard

2 thoughts on “Friendly Insurance Maximizes Small Out-of-Home

  1. Great creative…however… since when is 12′ x 25′ “small” ? Bigger (and more impactful) than a tv screen…or a radio…

    March 14, 2014 at 9:15 am
    1. Posters are 12×25. These are Junior Posters which are 6×12, a quarter the size of a traditional poster.

      March 14, 2014 at 9:18 am

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Todd Turner

Todd Turner has been an art director at Adams Outdoor Advertising in Charleston, SC since 2004. He has created award-winning campaigns for large brands like McDonald’s, Bojangle’s and Harley-Davidson but has spent most of his career working with small local businesses to create advertising that actually works.

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