Mallatt’s Uses Zombies as Fashion Models

I was going to do a post about different Halloween-themed billboards but I had a hard time finding anything worth talking about. Fortunately, my cohorts Evan Schultz and Sondra Doerfer at Adams Outdoor in Madison came up with this scream-inducing piece of advertising for Mallatt’s Pharmacy. Sometime in the past Mallatt’s began carrying theatrical make-up which eventually morphed into stocking Halloween costumes. Now, they are the go-to shop for the best Halloween gear. The rest of the year, they’re still a pharmacy.

Mallatt's Pharmacy Lenticular Kiosk Ad "Zombie"

Mallatt’s have also endeared themselves to locals by creating the best Halloween billboards in town. Case in point, this year’s lenticular printed mall display. From one angle, visitors at Hilldale Mall see what looks like your usual fashion brand ad. Cute girl. Colorful dress. From another angle, you see her zombified. The lenticular effect was produced by Zane Williams. See the video below to get the full effect.

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