Truck Ads That Don’t Suck

Truck Advertising - Wheel Chairs

“This might be your new transportation if you drink and drive.”

Remember that email with all the fake truck ads that cycles around every few months. I’m so sick of that thing. That’s why it was nice to see a round-up of (mostly) real truck advertising on Paperplane. I’ve selected a handful that I thought were solid out-of-home concepts. See the rest here.

Truck Advertising - USB Drive

Put a logo on the side and a USB connector on the back – instant flash drive.

Truck Advertising - Cigarette

It’s best if you see all the chemical warnings first. Then as you pass the truck you realize those are the chemicals in cigarettes.

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Todd Turner

Todd Turner has been an art director at Adams Outdoor Advertising in Charleston, SC since 2004. He has created award-winning campaigns for large brands like McDonald’s, Bojangle’s and Harley-Davidson but has spent most of his career working with small local businesses to create advertising that actually works.

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