ADstruc Has Billboards For Everyone

ADstruc is an online startup that is bringing the world’s oldest advertising medium online. At their site, you can search for outdoor ad space by price, location and other attributes and choose to make an offer or simply purchase the space. I love the concept but not sure how the logistics of creating, printing and installing all work out between them, the client and the outdoor company. They’re quite the social media mavens, so my guess is they’ll leave a comment here explaining the whole process.

What’s particularly interesting right now is that they’ve entered the creative game:

We are excited to announce a new ADstruc project titled, “Billboards for Everyone“. ADstruc’s goal is to make billboards accessible and easy to purchase. Our first billboard (below), in Arizona, was designed by Shepard Fairey’s Studio Number One and in partnership with BA Reps. Shepard is a world renowned artist who is known equally for his picture of Barack Obama and for pioneering a form of street art with his Obey work.

We also worked with our partner Onsite Insite for the billboard space!

Not sure what this “Billboards for Everyone” project is about, but I’m intrigued. Aesthetically, the billboard is unexpected and intriguing. Shepard’s name brings a lot of clout and built-in attention, so I have to commend the guys at ADstruc on not screwing around with some piss-poor third-rate design and just going straight to someone that can make a bold visual statement.

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  1. Todd,

    Thanks for the article – it’s great to be featured on your site. We are huge fans of The Hangline’s work. ADstruc is excited about our new “Billboards for Everyone” project. It is appropriately titled that because using our online marketplace – which aggregates and simplifies the outdoor media buying process – anyone can use the system and afford space. All of this represented through a creative national campaign with brilliant artists (stay tuned for more).

    In terms of the logistics, we have refined each step of the printing and installing process. Our partnership with Circle Graphics enables us to have anything printed and shipped to the install location in a matter of hours.

    ADstruc is surrounded by a lot of creative people – we hope to make Billboards for Everyone a fun campaign that grabs attention and supports outdoor advertising.

    Of course, happy to keep the conversation going – feel free to email me directly.

    John Laramie

    February 1, 2011 at 3:30 pm

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