Billboards Finally Get a Voice

The Hangline "I'd Rather Be Naked" Billboard in Charleston, SC -

What would a billboard say about some of the awful creative that gets posted on it? We took that concept and ran with it. What you’re seeing above is our first self-promo graciously printed by Camel City Posters and fabricated and posted by Adams Outdoor Advertising in Charleston, SC. We literally stripped the vinyl off the face of this board to expose the bare metal panels beneath. Much better than some obnoxious yellow ad set in Impact and Comic Sans. At least this billboard thinks so.

Outdoor advertising creative can be downright heinous.

When one billboard can be seen by hundreds of thousands of people each day, bad creative hurts the reputation and perception of our entire medium. Our goal with The Hangline is to inspire everyone with a hand in the creation of outdoor ads to make more interesting, better-looking and, ultimately, more effective advertising. After 11 months of collecting and curating content for this site, we felt it was about time to break out of the internet and self-promote on our favorite advertising medium.

You can help.

We’re hoping to spread the word nationwide. We’ve developed an entire campaign around the concept of billboards voicing their opinions which we’ll unleash soon. For now, if you have a connection to an outdoor company, get in touch with me, and I’ll give you more details.

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Big thanks to Eddy Herty, Gaby Mangual, Craig Stevens, Shannon Bromley, Adam Owen, Drew Bolen, Curtis Petraglia and Laura Sanders for being our advisory council on this campaign.

2 thoughts on “Billboards Finally Get a Voice

  1. Glyn Williams

    Great idea! As someone who works in the OOH industry I loathe bad creative and many advertisers are repeat offenders. One question I have is why didn’t you consider Digital bulletins for this message? Much easier (cheaper, faster) to change out the copy. Just a thought.

    November 18, 2011 at 2:14 pm
    1. Thanks, Glyn. We didn’t use digital because we wanted to do something spectacular. You can’t alter a structure or add extensions to a digital board. Digital would be interesting if we found the right idea to use it better than simply switching out copy. I’ve thought about linking digital boards to some sort of feed or maybe even a specific twitter hashtag, but nothing incredible really comes to mind. 

      November 18, 2011 at 2:20 pm

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Todd Turner

Todd Turner has been an art director at Adams Outdoor Advertising in Charleston, SC since 2004. He has created award-winning campaigns for large brands like McDonald’s, Bojangle’s and Harley-Davidson but has spent most of his career working with small local businesses to create advertising that actually works.

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