Best Practices for Ecommerce Management for Small Businesses

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When planning your ECommerce Management for small businesses it is essential to start with a plan. Once everything is in place you will be ready to make a terrific first impression. ECommerce is a terrific way to reach new clients and sell your products and certainly saves time and travel.

1. Draw up a Budget

Try to stick to a clearly planned budget, keeping some funds for emergencies, and overspending in the current economic climate might mean the difference between success and failure.

2. Have a Visually Attractive Site

Make sure that your site appeals to your client base, and that it is easy to navigate. It should look highly professional.

3. SEO

Your search engine optimization should be easily used on a mobile device, as many are now ditching their laptops for smartphones and iPads. Link to social media, so that your friends can see what you are doing.

4. Keep the Site Organized

If you are taking orders on your site, use back-up to stay organized, and use an e-commerce platform that has integrated features. Product photos should be of high quality.

5. Ask for Client Feedback

This will help you to make improvements where necessary. and ask for a few testimonials that you can put up underneath your product page. Ask a long-term client to post on their FaceBook page.

6. Try to Stay on Top of the Workload

Remaining efficient in managing your workload is essential, and if you become too busy, employ another person to help you. It is important not to keep the clients waiting, or they will go elsewhere.

7. Allow Appropriate Links

The right links will enhance and help grow your business and usually bring in new clients. The right links on your website can help your business to expand.

8. ECommerce Management for Small Businesses

The prospective client will form a first impression of your business quite quickly. If it is relevant to do so, link your web page to a blog, as this creates a more approachable first impression, you can use the blog to ask and answer a few relevant questions about your work. Make this a regular feature, and try to blog a couple of times a week. Social media helps enormously with launching the business and ask some of your friends to ‘like it’ on FaceBook.

9. Celebrate

Have an end-of-year celebration for your clients. A small cocktail party or lunchtime gathering to thank them for their ongoing support of your success. Send out email invitations and be specific in the time allocation 6-8 pm is long enough for a drink and canapes. This is a wonderful networking opportunity and will bring new clients, as they will probably arrive with a friend. The event is best catered, to give you plenty of opportunity to network and mingle.


It takes 2-5 years to build a successful business of any kind, and ECommerce is no exception. As long as your customer service remains good, the clients will continue to seek you out to meet their business needs.

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