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Are you tired of wrestling with your WordPress blog’s hosting technicalities ?

Well, there is already quite a lot that you need to keep on-point in order to generate revenue, so why waste valuable time on something that a hosting manager for WordPress can easily handle?!

So, who exactly is this magician?

We are talking about Kinsta, the most hyped WordPress Hosting Platform in 2020.

This service will take care of all your hosting and server-related activities at an exceptional speed as it utilizes the Google Cloud Platform. Also, in case of any hurdle, Kinsta’s support team, which they claim has expertise in WordPress, is there to figure it out.

However, it has a setback. It is a bit heavy on the pocket; its cheapest plan will cost you $30 per month. (before our coupon)

Despite this amount, Kinsta is everyone’s favorite hosting platform in 2020, and in the past 12 months, its client base has increased by over 134%!

The question is, is it worth this price tag? Can we find some interesting coupons ?

In order to figure this out, we analyzed its various features and decoded the jargon so you could understand it better. Let’s have a look at what we found!

How Does Kinsta Host a Blog?

Before we dive into the best features of Kinsta, let’s understand how it hosts our website, both in terms of hardware and software.

C2 Virtual Machines – The Hardware Technicalities

Does the word, C2 virtual machine, sound too techy to you?

Let us simplify it for you. C2 virtual machines or compute-optimized virtual machines are the latest addition to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Virtual machines (VM) are basically virtual files that behave like an individual computer. In simple words, it’s a virtual computer within a physical computer.

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